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Dust: Take Control of a Damaging, Costly Nuisance:

More than just a nuisance, dust is a pervasive problem. It can Dust - taking control of a damaging costly nuisance

impair the most sophisticated equipment and technology. It undermines the health of people, machines and the environment. Uncontrolled, dust can violate mandatory compliance levels.

The best solution for the problem?

A dust suppression system from Dust Control Solutions.


Road Dust Control Solutions - TruckBecause DCS gives you an effective, durable method of dust control, surface stabilisation and water reduction for an extremely economical overall cost.

While some dust control alternatives appear to cost very little in the short term, over a longer period of time, their costs escalate dramatically. that is why it is so important to evalute all the costs associated with any dust control program. DSC delivers optimum benefits for the lowest overall cost due to the need for fewer re-aplications.

No two sites or situations are identical, so Dust Control Solutions develops individual solutions for your dust and erosion control problems using our specialised products – P-Cat®, DUSTGUARD MC® and EC46®, Extreme Dust Control and 2112HS®