EC-46®:   Dust Suppressant
Soil Stabilisation – Compaction Agent

EC-46® is:

EC-46® Suppress is a specially formulated vinyl/acrylic emulsion that provides optimum penetration and bonding when applied to fine or granular materials. It is specifically engineered for ease of use.

An environmentally sound solution for dust control and soil stabilisation needs. The advanced formulation of the active binding agent offers superior cohesion and elasticity. Applied as a dust suppressant, soil stabiliser and erosion control agent, once cured, EC-46® Suppress becomes completely transparent, and provides a durable water-resistant surface.

Recommended Applications:

  • Unpaved Roads
  • Mine Haul Roads
  • Underground Roads
  • Steel Mills & Power Plants
  • Storage Areas
  • Stockpiles/Tailing Dams/Sediment Ponds
  • Rail car (liquid tarping)
  • Batters & Slopes
  • Sand Stabilisation
  • Open areas/Land development
  • Road sub base Stabilisation
  • Aircraft Runways & Helipads
  • Forestry Roads/Fire Trails/Farm Roads
  • Road Shoulders
  • Compounds
  • Golf Courses/Paths/Bunker liners
EC-46 Suppress

Directions for use:

Dilute one part EC-46® with six parts water and use 3.5 litres of diluted material per M2 of area to be treated. (These dilution and application rates are guidelines only. For specific information on dilution and application rates please contact your APS representative.)

EC-46® should only be applied when surface is dry. Allow material 2 to 4 hours to dry. Hot and windy days reduce drying time. Periodic touch-up may be required when subsurface erosion or surface decay occurs.

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