E.D.C®-Extreme Dust Control: Extreme Weather Dust Suppressant

EDC® is a unique breakthrough in the technological advancement of agriculturally engineered dust suppressants.

This new formulation of carbohydrates and high molecular weight surface modifiers has been combined with proven dust control materials to reduce dust in even the most difficult industrial environments. EDC® has adhesive properties that bond dust particles together to reduce dust and increase road base stability. EDC® is effective under EXTREME weather conditions from sub-zero temperatures to desert heat conditions.

Uses or Application
EDC® provides highly effective dust control anywhere: unsealed roads, haul roads, storag®e areas, open areas, ect. EDC® has been used successfully in Steel Mills, open cut & underground mines and Quarry operations.

EDC® Advantages:

  • Highly effective in extremely cold and very hot climate conditions.
  • EDC® will not freeze.
  • Road surface can be graded and reworked.
  • Roads can be travelled immediately after application if required.
  • Easily washes of vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Environmentally sound.
  • Can be applied with your own water truck,

Please contact your DCS representative for further details.

EDC Extreme Dust Control Suppressant

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