Dust Control Solutions

P-Cat®: Since 1980

P-Cat® dust suppression system provides an affordable, effective and durable means of dust control, surface stabilisation and water reduction solutions in a large variety of circumstances ranging from unpaved roads, haul roads, storage areas, stock piles, tailings dams, sediment ponds, rural roads, berms, shoulders and batters, quarries, landfills, open cut mining sites, underground mines and so on.

The P-Cat® product is a scientifically advanced emulsion specially formulated to control fugitive dust emissions by saturating, penetrating and bonding dust and aggregate particles together to create a flexible, durable surface that offers excellent longevity and superior load-bearing qualities. In fact, depending on the aggregate and preparation, P-Cat® treated surfaces can look like paved roadways even after a few applications.

Environmentally safe, P-Cat® is applied with water, but quickly cures to a water-resistant surface. As a result, treated surfaces aren’t washed out or destabilised by storm water run-off. Cured roadways remaining intact even after it rains.

P-Cat® can also be used in sensitive, environmentally delicate areas because of its excellent non-leaching, non re-emulsifying characteristics. P-Cat® does NOT contain harmful contaminates often found in oil or other suppressants.

As one of the most widely used dust control and surface treatments available in today’s marketplace, P-Cat’s® innovative chemical composition is specially engineered for elasticity, longevity and load-bearing qualities.

P-Cat® provides a broad-range of end-use benefits including faster, safer material transport, water reduction, reduced road maintenance costs, longer equipment life, improved efficiency and a healthier working environment.

Some obvious P-Cat® benefits include:

  • The penetrating chemical compound quickly bonds with road aggregate and cures to a water-resistant surface to ensure excellent durability.
  • Superior soil stabilisation improves load bearing strength to ensure roadways will stand up to the toughest heavy equipment
  • P-Cat® cures to a water-resistant surface so quickly it is completely effective even when applied hours before rain.
  • Fewer re-applications are necessary because P-Cat® decays at a much slower rate than other dust control alternatives.
  • P-Cat® minimises water consumption used for dust suppression.
  • P-Cat® enhances safety and visability on roads by minimising fugitive dust emissions.
  • Stabilise haul roads in order to minimise and/or eliminate logistic downtime due to wet weather periods.
  • Effective for a broad range of sites and climatic conditions – P-Cat® will not re-emulsify with heat or water
  • Includes complete documentation to meet compliance requirements.
  • A P-Cat® surface looks like an asphalt roadway because P-Cat stays where it lays and builds up over time with the addition of fresh applications. This increases the strength and elasticity of the surface virtually eliminating washboards, ruts and potholes.

P-Cat® is proven safe in environmentally sensitive areas and leads the industry. It’s naturally occurring resin base assures there are no harmful contaminates to leach into the environment. Uncommon applications and special situations are part of our everyday experience. With our custom capabilities, we will find the right solution for your particular need.

Download the P-Cat® Brochure [PDF document]

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