Dustguard MC® : Environmentally Friendly Dust Suppressant

DustGuard MC® is a liquid dust suppressant based on magnesium brine solution. Magnesium Brine is a naturally occurring liquid enhanced by extended solar evaporation of natural sea water or salt lake brines to contain a high concentration of magnesium chloride.

Produced in Australia in accordance with good manufacturing practices and under a strict quality system, solar evaporation methods are completely natural using the sun and wind.

DustGuard MC® is primarily used on unsealed local government roads, open cut mine haul roads, underground mine roads, quarry haul roads and construction sites. DustGuard MC® is environmentally friendly and is used for both dust and erosion control as well as acting as a road stabiliser and compaction agent.


DustGuard MC® has a unique characteristic that sets it apart from other dust suppressant products. It is a hygroscopic solution. Being hygroscopic, DustGuard MC® continuously attracts and retains moisture. It gives DustGuard MC® the ability to maintain natural surfaces for long durations between applications. The level of moisture that is retained by DustGuard MC® allows it to achieve the desired level of dust control.
DustGuard MC® uses its unique characteristics to stabilise the roadway surface and in turn suppress the dust. The moisture attracted and absorbed by DustGuard MC® literally traps and locks the dust and aggregate particles together, in turn sustainability of the road surface increases.

DustGuard MC® is easily applied and is designed to penetrate the sub grade surface to create a smooth compact dust free road.

Download DUSTGUARD MC® Brochure [PDF Document]

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