Dust Control and Road Stabilisation Solutions


Dust suppressants from Dust Control Solutions are the most widely used dust control and road stabilisation materials available in today's marketplace. DCS has been a pioneer in formulating and developing affordable dust control technologies for a variety of industries.

At DCS, we know that every site is unique. We have a full line of custom services and dust palliative formulations.

  • Specialty Dust Control Services
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Emission Reduction Programs
  • Silt Load Testing
  • Traffic Pattern Analysis
  • Landfill Capping
  • Ash Pond Sealing
  • Soil Remediation
  • Railcar Dust Suppression
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Erosion Control

Dust Control Engineering Services

  • Site Mapping
  • Silt Loading
  • Traffic Pattern Analysis
  • Emission Modeling
  • Certified Visual Emission readers
  • Emission Reduction Programs

Record Keeping & reporting

  • PetroTraker secure online compliance database

Materials / Operations / Equipment

  • Full line of chemical palliatives
  • Computer rate controlled application units
  • Remote control Cannon sprayers for stockpiles
  • High pressure low volume road flusher units
  • Experienced operators and applicators
  • 24 hour dispatch centre
  • Sprayers / Water carts
  • Road Sweepers
  • Graders

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